The art of photography - Yulia German

Yulia German is a creative photographer living in New York.

What has influenced you to choose photography as your profession?  How did you decide to change your typical and stable life for the life of a photographer?

I was obsessed with one main idea. It was a burning desire to change my life holistically. I wanted to quit my job that I didn’t like and succeed in a field I really love and know how to do. Of course, competition is way too steep in Moscow. A lot of talented and experienced photographers work here, so, it’s not easy to find own clients and a unique niche.  Still, everything is possible if you set a right goal. My life totally changed with moving to New York two years ago. Here, I precisely started working on photography: to study styles of different photographers and read about photography more and more. Now I am actively developing and gaining momentum!


You are one of the few photographers who made it to NYFW. This is a momentous event in the fashion world and we have to ask you this question.  How was it to work with the best designers in the world?

Yes, that’s right. To seek the accreditation isn’t so easy. Hanging out with local photographers, many of them wonder how I did it - to get to NYFW (smiling). To tell you the truth, this is really a momentous event, where you can talk with designers, models, stylists and other photographers. The backstage atmosphere is indescribable. A lot of people are exchanging information, contacts and opinions. But there is a downside. A backstage photographer can work in two ways: to behave “as a mouse” in order to be imperceptible, but work quickly and qualitatively or to be impudent, pushing people around and taking pictures at close range. I'm still the first one (smiling). I am working on my portfolio now and I have a dream to be a part of backstage life of Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klein, YSL shows.


We know that you also organize workshops for photographers. A photographer from Russia has recently come to New York to give you a master class.

Yeah, right. I have organized a master class for the best photographer from Russia. I was responsible for all organizational processes in New York: location, makeup artists, stylists, models and so on. I have created all the conditions for the photographer to run a memorable and truly beautiful workshop in the USA.

Yulia, you are a creative photographer. Looking at your works, anyone starts to understand that your photo sessions are full of fresh ideas and unusual approach. Your works need to be viewed and considered. How long ago did you understand that you can work with creative shooting best of all?

My works do not need to be peered at. You just need to look at them and I want each person to see something different (smiles). It is important for me that you can find your own explanation and express your meaning of the photo. If it can leave a reminder in your heart, I am on the right path... I love creative shooting very much, with their help I express my thoughts, feelings, fears and joys. Creative shooting is the formation of something unique, beautiful and unthinkable. When I do this kind of shooting, I am a creator in this moment (smiling).

Where do you draw inspiration for creating and implementing of your ideas and works?

My sources of inspiration are music, videos of various western artists, films and books, traveling. But not the least step is occupied by people ... Beauty in small things, simplicity and the “man” himself - what are important for me to behold. When something comes to my mind, I immediately record everything. I have a big folder that I often listen to. My plan is to systematize and implement all the ideas that have now or had at one or another period of my life. After all, sometimes it is useful to listen to your "old" thoughts and make them alive! It works for me. It is another way of my inspiration.

What is the name of your style? What sort of message do you send in your works?

It is very difficult for any photographer to answer the question: “Who is he/she?” After all, anyone wants to try own possibilities in different points. The photographers often rush from the fashion shooting to the wedding photo sessions. I have decided: my style is fashion and creative shooting. My message is that the brain should work (smiling).

What is the best photo you have recently taken? Describe the process of its creation and your thoughts, feelings while creating this photo.

The guy with the flower in his eye. Untitled. It is important for me that the person has possibility to think by his/her own without any distraction of my signatures and inscriptions. I consider this photo to be my best work at present. Looking at this photo now, I can see pain in it and the understanding that joy does not come just like that - joy comes after sorrow.

The location was at the ocean. The weather was rainy, frown and grey - all that I wanted and needed. The composition was simple: the guy was walking along the coastline without paying any attention. He just was walking and I just was "catching" moments.

What advice would you give to beginner photographers who want to become successful professionals?

It is necessary to develop. If you do not see any progress in a year, you should reconsider you professional way. It is better to ask yourself whether you need to continue this direction and how it is necessary for you.

Follow successful photographers, practice, do your best and do not stop. If you do not invest money in your education and in your technique, then you will not swim across the ocean, but will walk along the shore.

Improve yourself!